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Bibles included: Baker, Barnett, Bowman, Britts, Campbell, Carmicheal, Clark, Clarkson-Harlow, Clodfelter, Clore, Cooper, Detchon, Dinwiddie, Drake-Clones, Eiseman, Evans, Everman, Gardner, Garr, Glascock, Goff, Guntle, Hamilton, Hammon, Harbison, Haywood, Haywood-Groves, Hollcraft, Hooper, Hughes, Kerr, Krout-Kendall, Lankford, Linn, Lofland, Lookabill, McClamrock, McCormick, McGaughey, McGill, Martin, Miller, Myers, Noble, Pell, Rhoads-Nichols, Rutledge, Scribner, Shafer, Shoemaker, Spencer, Todd, Whalen, Willis-Jackman, Wilson-Sutherlin, Young, Zuck

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